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Cabinets Built For Strength

Cabinets built for the outdoors should be made from materials strong enough to hold grills, sinks, countertops, bar tops, and any countertop appliance. That’s why we’ve chosen to use heavy-duty stainless steel structuring in our design, strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds per square foot. We achieve this by using heavier gauge stainless steel with integrated architectural framing and a single piece, solid top that keeps our cabinets from misshaping under pressure. In addition, we’ve eliminated weak points by giving our cabinets only the holes they need for assembly and installation.

Cabinet Section JW Thickness Competitor Thickness Structural Advantage
Base Frame 0.075 0.035 114%
Floor 0.048 0.035 37%
Walls 0.048 0.035 37%
Top 0.048 0.035 37%
Drawer Body 0.048 0.035 37%
Finished Panels 0.048 0.035 37%

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