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Master Metal Crafters

Producing fine outdoor cabinetry requires experience and extraordinary attention to fine details. With over 20 years of experience in the metal industry and a 100,000 square foot factory filled with high tech machinery and master craftsmen, JW is equal to the task.

We source our stainless steel domestically so you can trust the quality of our materials. We use the latest precision machinery to cut and form our stainless steel to an exact size for perfect fit. Our craftsmen assemble each cabinet by hand, ensuring that each step of the process includes quality verification.

Our products are welded and polished by craftsmen with decades of combined experience in producing amazing results. Their attention to detail and desire to keep clean lines and luster make them a truly unique group.

Our state-of-the-art powder coating system combines the sciences of proper preparation, systematic powder application, and accurate oven curing to produce enduring and tasteful color. We use only outdoor rated UV resistant powders in our process to give them the maximum length of life possible.

We even craft our own packaging in-house so we can ensure the perfect fit and a safe delivery across the product line.

Assemblers or Craftsmen?

Why do our craftsmen make the difference? We want your cabinets to install quickly and easily and fit in the space you’ve designed for them. We want them to function as smoothly as you imagined and look just as wonderful. That’s why we select craftsmen who look at the product they are building as a whole and not just a single piece in an endless line of parts marching through an assembly line. Our craftsmen make sure each cabinet conforms to a tight tolerance which keeps the overall kitchen design from swelling or shrinking by an amount that would cause failure.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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